7 tips to enhance an unoccupied house.

  • 5 months ago
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  1. Keep the place clean : An empty place is much easier to clean than a cluttered one. Take advantage of your unoccupied house to do a deep clean and clean all rooms thoroughly. If your property remains on the market for some time, you will certainly need to come back several times to prevent dust buildup. A clean house will be more attractive to buyers.
  2. Maintain the exterior : Like the interior, the exterior also needs attention to be presented in its best light. Clean the gutters, regularly mow the lawn, take care of the flower beds, flowers, and shrubs. In winter, make sure to clear the property of snow. If you now live too far away to take care of the house regularly, consider hiring someone to do it for you.
  1. Fix minor defects : Because imperfections will be much more noticeable to potential buyers, take the time to correct them. Repair broken accessories, change damaged hinges, replace burnt bulbs, modernize door and drawer handles, faucets… Also, consider repainting your walls to refresh their appearance. All these small changes will give your house a new lease of life. Correcting the defects of your empty house will make it easier to sell
  1. Air out the rooms : An uninhabited house can quickly smell musty. Try to regularly circulate air by opening windows or add a scented touch, by bringing a bouquet of fresh flowers for example.
  2. Offer a house plan : The dimensions of your rooms may seem smaller when empty. Therefore, take measurements of each of them and create a plan of your house. This will allow potential buyers to have a more precise idea of the real dimensions of your property and will help them to project their own layout.
  3. Create a virtual tour : A virtual tour allows potential buyers to immerse themselves in your house, without even having to visit it. Plus, you can create a fully furnished decor.A furnished virtual tour will certainly give a boost to your selling project. To maximize its effectiveness, it is important to present your house in the best light. Need some tips on how to do this? Check out How to make your house look good during a virtual tour?
  4. Decorate with some furniture : Finally, if you wish, you can also add some furniture and accessories to your empty house to give it some life. A few strategic elements in the main rooms can make a big difference. Moreover, many home staging companies allow you to rent furniture for the time it takes to sell your house. Note, however, that this will entail additional costs. It’s up to you to decide if this initiative is worth it.

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