What are the things to check before buying a house?

  • 5 months ago
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  • Define your needs and priorities: Identify your essential housing needs, such as size, number of bedrooms, location, amenities, etc. Create a list of priorities to guide your search.
  • Set a realistic budget: Evaluate your financial capacity by taking into account the cost of purchasing the house, notary fees, taxes and possible work. Allow room for maneuver for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Do a financial pre-qualification: Consult a mortgage professional to determine the amount you can borrow. This will help you narrow down your search based on your financial capacity.
  • Actively Search: Explore diverse neighborhoods, visit homes available on the market, and compare offers. Do not hesitate to use online tools and seek the help of a real estate agent to facilitate your search.
  • Study the condition of the property: During visits, pay attention to the general condition of the house. Check the roof, plumbing, electricity, insulation, etc. If necessary, hire a professional home inspector to get a detailed assessment.
  • Evaluate the neighborhood: Consider the location of the house in relation to your daily needs (work, schools, shops). Find out about safety, public services, and quality of life in the neighborhood.
  • Consider resale: Even if you consider the house as your permanent residence, consider its possible resale. Choose a property that is likely to maintain or increase its value over time.
  • Negotiate the price: Once you have found a house that meets your criteria, don’t hesitate to negotiate the price. Make comparisons with other similar properties in the area to justify your offer.
  • Check legal documents: Before finalizing the purchase, make sure all legal documents are in order. This includes the property title, building permits, condominium regulations (if applicable), etc.
  • Take your time: Don’t rush into your decision. Take the time to think carefully and consider all aspects before committing to purchasing a home.

By following these tips, you will increase your chances of choosing a home that fits your needs, your budget, and that will be a wise investment for the future.

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